OKR Management

You will be able to create your organizational Objectives, team Objectives and individual Objectives to reach your company strategies. You will also track your your objectives via updating Key Results with our check-in feature.

Our OKR management screens are user friendly and easy to use.


Give your team the ability to quickly give feedbacks to other members based on objectives and freely. And also your employees will be able to ask their colleagues to give them feedbacks.

User & Team Management

You are free to invite your users to start using OKR methodology in your business. You can group and organize your employees as like your organization structure via using our flexible team feature.

Year End Evaluation

Year end evaluation is a period that Managers and the employees have a chance to review the develepment and the progress at the end the year with the constant feedback and checking periods to achieve and get aligned with the company strategies and targets.

1-1 Checkin Meetings

One-to-one meetings are so important and powerfull tools to progress OKR in your business. You will be able to organize one-to-one and team meetings in our platform.

These meetings can be used to review OKR progresses and sharing feedbacks between managers and team members.

Manager Approval Flow

Your employees will be able to send their objective key results to approval of their managers before planned periods start.

Project Alignment

Our project module will help you to align your objectives and projects to each other.

You can create projects and assign them to employees, track your OKRs based on projects related.


Give your team members to analyze your company and employees' progresses and export ready-to-use reports.

Devokr provides to report objectives, feedbacks and track reviews, year-end-evaluations.