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Objectives are easy to remember, qualitative definition of what you want to achieve. Objectives should be simple, inspirational and challenging.

Key Results are the road maps that enables you to reach your Objective. They are a set of metrics. It is advised to have 2-4 Key Results for each Objective.

Align your employees with your company objectives to turn the goals to results

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Aspects of our system


It enables to track company OKRs and be align with organization strategies and principles. It is not only cascaded from top to bottom but can be associated with other teams and employees’ goals without hierarchy .


It is simple but inspring. Easy to keep in mind and track. At the same time measurable and result oriented.

Feedback Oriented

Feedback is one of the essentials of OKR methodology. It gives you the opportunity to progress your goals and develop your competencies with 360 constant feedback

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OKR (Objectives and Key Results)is a goal-setting tool to set challenging, dynamic, transparent goals with measurable results. With OKRs, you can track your own goals by being align with company goals.

OKR Management

Create your objectives and key results to track your employees' performances.


Communication is the best tool to improve your company skill.

User & Team Management

You can create and invite your employees and manage your departments via using teams.

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Frequently asked questions
On contrary to traditional Performance Management System, goals are generally set quarterly. They are dynamic and transparent to all organization.

The Interection is not only from top to bottom but can be bidirectional from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Tha aim is not only achieving the goal but development.

It is not only focusing the year end tracking but yearlong tracking with constant feedback and development strategy.
Companies should use OKR solutions to implement OKR methodology to their culture.
It is generally suggested to set 5 Objectives..
As it is a system and cultural transformation, it will require an analysis to understand the company culture and identify the company needs.

Company priorities need be defined first and announced to the organization. Then organization OKRs need to be set aligned with Company priorities. When you have the alignment, customize the OKRs and the software into your organization. Set quarterly check in meetings to track the progress with contstant feedback and plan the yearlong activities. It is important to set simple but challenging OKRs that lead development.
No it is should be qualitative rather than quantitative. KRs need to be quantitative.
It should not exceed 4.